Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day of Rest?

Sundays are usually my lazy day, because let's face it: God said so. lol I love it for a bit, but then I start to become anxious. I need to do something. So what do I do...I find crafts to work on around the apartment. What do I have in store???

Simple Spring Wreath-nix the fabric flowers, add some hydrangea and baby's breath :) Definitely doing this!!!!  Mason Jar Welcome Y'all Wooden Door Sign with burlap ribbon - haha how cute!!!spray paint a branch wreath a bright modern color
Couple of Door signs I want to work on. The first image I absolutely love (nix the fabric yoyos) and it will be perfect for Spring. I actually plan on doing this with my new wood letter "C" (purchased at a craft fair). The second is adorable for summer, except I may change it up a bit and not actually use a mason jar design. Thoughts still processing on that second idea.The third is another cute idea (again nix the fabric yoyos and black); love the pop of color that'll really make it stand out. This will be cute for gifts as well (Mother's Day especially).

DIY Mason Jar Luminaries

Shabby, rustic candle holders. I have plenty of mason jars that need to be put to good use (and plenty of lace and burlap).

cute DIY coat hanger

Have the perfect wall space for this little crafty

ceramic candle holders

I want to add some more candle holders around the living room (make it a little more cozy)

cotton hydrangea magnolia (no magnolia)

Possibility for a new vase arrangement in the dining room

Thinking of updating my current pillows to include the color pallet: tan, white, gold. I have plenty of fabric to choose from and it's much cheaper than buying new pillows. 

DIY Map Canvas-this is what I want to do for the Living Room now

Wall art for the living room (I have a window frame and {believe it or not} world map wrapping paper)

distressed shelf

Idea for the bedroom (with hooks on the lower level for jewelry..possibly, haven't made my made up just yet)

Lots of projects huh???? :) No wonder my husband rolls his eyes when I bring in another piece I've found and try to stuff it into the "mud closet" that I've turned into my craft & crap closet. Only so much you can do with limited space, but for the time being I want it to feel cozy instead of just pieced together with things we had when we first moved in together. It takes time to put together a home-whether it be an apartment, camper, or a house. 

Feel free to follow me on pinterest, to see other ideas I find (as all pictures above are from the site). 

Happy crafting!