Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stand Up Straight

Remember when our mother/grandmother would tell us to "Stand up straight child!" Long ago, posture was taught to young child as a means of teaching manners. Good posture meants good manners, which meants you were taught well in your home.
 Today, posture is not taught much in the home anymore. Is it a concern compared to the society back then, not necessarily. But our bodies were designed to stand tall and straight in order to function properly. When we slouch it ends up causing a number of issues later in life, which we don't want.

Now am I going to walk around with a book on my head in order to achieve this (...maybe...), but you can take small steps to correcting the way you sit and stand in your every day routine.

Steps for good standing posture: (as found on

Stand with feet hip-width apart (for better balance).  ·   Align ears, shoulders, and hips (Using a mirror for   
Unlock both knees (maintaining “neutral” pelvis; avoiding
     pelvis tilting forward).
Pull in abdominal muscles.  ·   Inhale naturally.  ·   Exhale slowly while pulling belly button into the spine.  ·   Lift rib cage (straightening rounded upper back; expanding
     the lungs for deeper breathing)
Realign head over shoulders (head not leaning backward).  ·   Un-round shoulders (by rotating arms until palms facing
Gently press shoulders down, away from the ears.  ·   Pull shoulder blades towards the spine.   ·   Stretch head upwards without tilting backwards

 Good posture also means sitting properly:

Sit with neutral pelvis (pelvis not tilting forward).  ·   Do not lean over a desk (head-forward position), putting
     undue pressure on your neck and upper back.
Do not rest against the back.  ·   Lift your rib cage.  ·   Press your belly button into your spine  ·   Stick your chin forward and pull back your head and neck.  ·   Keep your head high and flatten your upper back

 These are the benefits from having good posture (again provided by the above website):

 Good body Balance
Lessen risk of lower back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and even headaches
Enhanced Breathing

Good posture also gives the appearance of looking younger and slimmer (yay), while a slouched posture (hunched shoulders,compressed chest) make a person look older.

Or you can always walk around in the privacy of your home with a book on your head ;) Whatever works. I'm going to try to be better at this. Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Working Woman: Forbes 100 Most Powerful Woman

    While I love fashion, I am a business woman at heart. It is thrilling, exciting    and most certainly never boring. Business is constantly changes, and so are people's roles in business. It's amazing to me how far woman have come in the business realm. It is encouraging, inspiring, motivating to see these powerful women in the world. I've posted Forbes article on these women. Take a look!

Who inspires you the most?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exciting Things to Come!!

I'm excited about a new part of my blog that I will be added very soon!


Lots of new music being released!!! So what am I listening to recently??

Foster the People: Pumped up Kicks
Matt Nathanson: Faster

Mat Kearney: Hey Mama

Lil Wayne: How To Love

Paramore: Monster

*All videos courtesy of YouTube.


Suddenly it's like the new craze is to wear your hair up. I've always been the kind of girl to "let my hair down" and leave it down. It's only up for one of three reasons: 1) I'm working out 2)it's getting on my nerves 3) it's been a really bad day (which is then combined with reason #2). I would love to try some updos, I just usually don't have the time or patience to deal with it when I'm getting ready in the mornings. But I've found some very simple dos that are...doable ;) Post your comments below and let me know your simple updos.

If you would like some how-to instructions for up-dos like these, visit this site:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Diary

Hello, thank you for reading my blog or rather I pretend there are people reading my blog. Anyway, it's Wednesday! I just finished watching my all time fav tv show, Ghost Hunters, and I keep looking over into my dining room (which looks like fabric threw up in it), knowing I need to jump back into my project. I seriously need to finish it but I have decided to give myself a break for a couple of days before classes start back in full swing (which, by the way is Friday eek). Thankfully, after this semester I will have two left and will finally be graduating with my bachelor's degree.
I often wonder sometimes if I've chosen the right career path. There is so much that I want to do. Sometimes I end up dabbling in a little bit of everything and I feel so lost. I am 100% business woman for sure. Granted, I'm not reading the NY Times or checking the stock market but I like business- I always have. It has a sense of making me feel important. I'm also 100% girly girl. I love fashion, shoes, crafting, writing music, dancing (I have this theory that in a previous life or maybe even a future life I was/am a backup dancer). There is so much in life that it overwhelms me because I want to do it all. I catch myself dreaming of traveling, I wish I could travel for a year and experience the world; it's beauty and magic. I wish I could also work in the fashion industry. I can't design clothes or sew that great but I would love to give my input and put a twist on it-make it more affordable for those on the lesser end of the target market. I wish I could share my lyrics with a famous singer and have them record it. Do you know how amazing it would feel to hear words I had locked up in my heart, finally have a voice and it be heard by millions through the radio (or iPod I'm sure the radio will fade out at some point). I also wish that I could learn to play the blasted guitar that my wonderful husband bought me last year for my birthday. The guitar and piano are two of the most powerful instruments to me. They move me in ways that words will never be able to express. Music soothes me, it is such a huge part of who I am.
Now that I've bored you with all my wishful thinking, I hope you have been enjoying my blog. Please let me know things you want to see or would like for me to discuss. I'm always open to new ideas for posts! This has become a fascinating new journey to me. My life may not be exactly mtv worthy but it's still a journey-my journey. Thank you for reading!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Must Haves {Fall 2011} and Favs

I've been looking through magazines and getting so very excited for Fall! It is my absolute favorite time of year. Granted, in the South, Fall temps last for a minute and we're on to experiencing 50 degrees before enjoying the 60s and 70s, but I'm not going to complain. There is just something in the air, the change in the leaves, the smell of change, and football.

All that being said, I've put together some images of the items and looks I'm most excited about and then I've put together some of my favs :) Enjoy!

I love, LOVE scarves. I try to wear them as much as possible when fall is around. It just adds a little something, something to your outfit!

What goes better with your scarve then a fedora hat?! Everyone has been wearing these in the Summer, but honestly I feel they're better saved for Fall. It's just too hot in the summer for hats (my personal opinion). I even bought two floppy hats for the Summer, and besides saving my face from the sun it didn't keep my any cooler. I still love them though. So, Fedoras-Fall. Must have!

My favorite must have nail polish for fall?? Dark purple (think colors like plum) and Nuede (think a dark tan) for your nails and toe nails. The thing I love about the tan nail polish is that is almost blends with your skin and appears as though you don't have anything on, therefore going with just about everything you wear.

I'm falling for colored pants/trousers. Recently, Kimberly and I came across the idea for pink trouser pants (think for work). And we found: {tada!}
These can be purchased at for $79.90.

Then I came across purple skinny pants. LOVE! Pictured is an outfit inspiration for purple jeans. Colors bottoms are very in this fall, and you better believe I will be participating ;)

Now some of my absolute favs (and I am not to be judged for these!!):
Red/Pink hair!
Emma Stone
Cute Birds
Closet Space

Hope you enjoyed this post! Keep reading for my of my favorites, they are always changing ha


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are You Talking to Me?

Relationships are great aren't they? They make us feel special and complete, even whole. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our relationships that we misinterpret what our other half is communicating to us. I ran across an interesting article in this month's Cosmopolitan magazine. It was intriguing and right on the money. Unforunately I couldn't find the article on Cosmo's website, so when you get a chance go pick one up in your local store or browse through it in a bookstore. You won't regret it.

Anyway, we forget the detail when talking with our significant other. We become so familiar with one another that we think we can skip the details. And what research has shown, is that this leads to confusion, misinterpretation...and finally an argument. For instance, if you were telling a complete stranger how to get to a restaurant you would give them street names and specifics. But if your spouse were to ask you, we'd end up saying something like "Oh it's over there where our favorite hangout is" Well he/she may not remember just which favorite hangout you mean. It can be something as simple as that.

Also, being on the computer or on your cellphone while talking with your spouse (or just in general) allows for miscommunication. We all know that when we're doing something other than directly looking at the person speaking, we don't hear everything he/she has to say. We should take the time to focus on our partner and pay attention to what they are telling you. Trust me, it's very easy to do this. But we have to take the time to make time for the person who decided that we are worth their time. :)

All that being said, get back to talking. We are getting to an era where
everything is technical and we're losing touch with each other on a personal level. Bring it back and show some love by just lending an ear and attentiveness to that special someone.

Love and Be Loved!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Addictions! (good ones)

I have been introduced to many new addicitons here lately!!! I wanted to share these with you as well, so that you can get creative and add to your fabulous closets! -if you want anything original and handmade, this site is great - Kimberly introduced me to this site, and I am extremely, EXTREMELY addicted to it!!! I LOVE this site. -needs ideas for your closet? This blog provides outfits and the sites where you can purchase them. You'd be surprised how affordable most of these pieces are.
Now after viewing the previous blog, I have found these clothing sites that I am in love with: and
Some of these may be over your spending limit, but I don't think it would take very long to save for an awesome piece from either of these sites.

Enjoy! I know I am :)

What's New?

Been MIA for a few weeks due to school projects and finals. Thankfully summer term is behind me and I get a couple of weeks of freedom before fall semester starts. So what's been going on?
Well I have started designing headbands and hair pieces for a boutique in downtown Florence: Jewell's Accessory Boutique.

Graham is wonderful to work with and I love shopping in her boutique. I'm having fun with these projects. Next in line are earrings and possibly bracelets. I'll start posting my designs on my blog.
Life has been good, I can't complain. I have many blog ideas so stay tuned and don't forget to follow!