Monday, April 30, 2012

Business is Personal

I am always on the hunt for new and creative ways to wear my work wardrobe. Whether it's cute heels, statement jewelry, or a fabulous piece of clothing; I try to add a little wow factor to keep from being "boring". As my friends and co-workers like to say, "That's a Maggie piece", but I can't help but feel like I wear the same thing over and over. So I'm making a visual inspiration board for myself. Here are my current inspirations:
classy, cute
business in style, created by megan matthews on Polyvore
I love her style so much, that I have pretty much made her blog my work inspiration board lol (

One of my other goto blogs: . I adore her style, but not all of her combinations are work friendly, so I have picked out a few of my favorite individual pieces to hunt for.
I esp love the coral stripe blouse pictured above.

^^^ I think I have something similar in my closet hmmmm^^^

Apologies if I went overboard, but I had to put together something to inspire me to dig through my closet and revamp what I already own. These ladies (Anna & J), along with the ever so popular site, Pinterest, have been my go-to for getting my closet together. When you're on a budget, it's hard to update your closet to keep up with the pace fashion changes; however, it's easier to have a few staple pieces to work with just about anything. You're then set to have a few new outfits that you never knew you had. What has been your inspiration lately?


Friday, April 27, 2012

TGIF & Tunes

Spring semester has finally come to a close and after breathing a sigh of relief from passing my courses, I thought I would post a blog! So much has been going on that I'm not sure if a three week break before Summer semester will be enough (I'm finally going to cash in on that massage my sister got me for Christmas-thank you Jennifer!). So what exactly has been going on? Nothing too much worth noting, went to an NBA basketball game with my deserving husband (it was his birthday/valentine's day gift). I got to sit in the same arena with Lil Wayne ;) I've been crafting little projects here and there, currently I'm working on some projects that involve pallets-and Matthew is going to kill me if I don't stop piling them up in our little apartment. With it being Friday, I thought I would provide some of my current favorite tunes. Enjoy! I hope to be posting more soon, I've been brainstorming this week :) TGIF

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Yes I finally like a Biebs song ;)

The Wanted: Chasing the Sun

Karmin: Brokenhearted (love this song;reminds me a little of Spice Girls?)

Havana Brown ft Pitbull: We Run the Night (you will find me shoulder "jiggin" to this one)

Chris Brown: Turn Up the Music

Robin Thicke ft Lil Wayne: Pretty Lil' Heart (this one has grown on me)