Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Banner, Banner on the Wall

burlap bannerIf you're addicted to Pinterest, you've seen these adorable, new banners that are popping up at parties everywhere. It's the Burlap banner (suddenly we have more things to do with burlap that we imagined-who knew?).

These banners can be made any number of ways that you would like. You can make the shapes into triangles, squares, tri-square (as seen in the picture to the left), or you can even do the circle.

The design of the banner is left to your own creativity. I've seen people use paint to spell their letters, and some have used thread to hand-stitch each letter, or you can print letters onto your burlap pieces (directions here). After you have created your letters, now the fun part-decorating! :) Decorating your banner provides endless possibilities. When I made my own, I used lace ribbon, some scrapbook pieces, and pages from old college textbooks (I knew those would come in handy for something).

Finally, you'll glue your pieces to either twine or hemp. I used twine, I was able to get it for $1 at Dollar General. Allow to dry and then you're good to go! If you need more step by step directions, click here.

Here are the two banners I made for my sister (the "thank you" is personally, my fav):
"Home Sweet Home" made with Lace Ribbon
"Thank You" made with textbook pages and scrapbook decor 
(used a permanent marker to draw the letters)

Add here are a few additional banners that I loved while browsing through Pinterest :) Enjoy!
burlap banner "sweet" burlap bannerburlap banner
cute burlap bannerBurlap bannerburlap & doilies banner
burlap bannerBurlap Apple Bannerburlap banner
                                     <<how cute for Halloween!

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