Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cheers to the New Year

2012 is fast approaching and everyone is trying to find that perfect party dress for the occasion (or the perfect set of pjs if you're planning on celebrating at home). Usually I go for a black ensemble and add a little sparkle to it. This year I'll be braving Gold, and that's a big step for me because I've never been one to wear it. I decided to see if anyone else was considering putting together a similar piece and this is what my Google search found:

#dresses high on glitter

New Years is always about glitter and fun! But it's also about everyone setting new goals to achieve for the new year, or restating ones from the past. This year, my friend Kimberly and I have decided that we will "let go" for 2012.
Instead of making new goals for the year, Kimberly and I are going to write down our worries and fears on balloons. Then we are going to  release them into the air, symbolising our step in moving forward and "letting go" of what keeps us down in life. I'll be posting pictures of our little release and maybe it will motivate you to "stop worrying about your weight" instead of making a goal each year to lose weight (just an example). Each new year gives us a chance to grow and become better individuals.
What are you plans and goals for the 2012?

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