Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Fashionista

A few months ago, I had mentioned that I would start posting about putting outfits together that came from certain clothing stores in order to prove that you could dress for less and still look fashionable. To be honest, I failed on getting that together and then today I put together my outfit and remembered that post. Here's my outfit:

Black top: TJ Maxx ($11.99)
Button down: Burke's Outlet ($14.99)
Floral Scarf: Target ($17.99)
DKNY Skinny Jeans: TJ Maxx ($14.99)
Nicole Boots: Ross ($24.99)

As you can see, the outfit is completely cute but it didn't cost me a fortune either. Now obviously, I didn't buy all these pieces in mind for this particular ensemble. These were purchased at random and actually purchased a couple of years ago (except the boots and scarf). It just goes to show that you can throw things together in your closet , whether new or old, and come out with something that's "in" today. :)

I hope to do this once a week with the items in my closet. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration that you need. And if you're wondering where I get my inspiration from, then check out my favorite blogs listed to your right. Pinterest is also the best website for anything inspirational. Happy Monday!

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