Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Fashionista

I've been taking pictures each morning of my work attire (please disregard the closet scenery). This is just from a few days this week.
Sweater: thrifted $9.00
Floral tank: TJ Maxx $14.99
Dress Pants: Gap (on sale) $30
Heels: Kohl's (clearance) $10
Lace Blazer: Forever 21 $24.99
Floral blouse: Kohl's $15.99
Pants: TJ Maxx $14.99
Heels: same as above (the best $10 I've spent)

Jacket: LC Lauren Conrad (at Kohl's) $40 {splurge}
Dress Pants: TJ Maxx $14.99
Heels: same as above (I'm a repeater, love these babies!)

Now I don't have a closet that will allow for me to wear a different outfit every day, I unforuntatel do not have the funds for it. But I am playing and mixing up with what I have. I hope to have some more cute stuff in the next week. :) Happy Weekend ~xoxo


  1. your links are broken

  2. For whatever reason, it looks like they're working now?? Let me know if they're still appear broken. Thanks for the heads up