Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Fall Favs

It's Fall and I'm having a hard time being patient for the weather to cool off, so I can wear some of my new wardrobe! I've been picking up on some trends that I'm going to be incorporating into my style. What have been your favorites?
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 So have you noticed a pattern?? For fall, here's what you need (at least one of each item, and you're good to go):

  1. Neutral - whether it be a shirt, blazer, hat, scarf, shoes, or jeans. Neutrals are really big for fall this year
  2. Hat - I personally love the hats featured in these pictures, but a fedora is also acceptable
  3. Scarf - usually that is plural for me. Love me some scarves. If you don't know how to twist them around, buy yourself an infinity scarf (it's just a circle of material). I usually find mine at Target
  4. Polka Dots - making a big come back this Fall. Sweaters, scarves, skirts, and even pantyhose
  5. Booties - Ankle booties that is. They go great with skinny jeans-especially rolled at the end.
  6. Cheetah - I thought cheetah was beginning to fade away, but it certainly is not. The key to wear cheetah this Fall, is to wear it in subtle ways, with subtle prints. (i.e. scarf or sweater)
  7. Your Sunday Tea Blazer - (shown in the 4th picture above). These aren't just for the ritzy or even your grandmother any more. They're making a big hit-paired with blouses. Don't want to spend a lot for these cute blazers? Hit up your local thrift stores. I found mine at the Salvation Army for $3
  8. Chunky Sweaters - can never go wrong with one of these. Perfect for the office, when it feels like it's below zero; or it's cute for a lunch date with your girlfriends
  9. Jean - Shirts. Feels like the 90s, but in a much, much more fashionable way. I've been on the hunt for the perfect one, haven't been so lucky yet (you can probably find these in your local thrift store as well; take it a step further and tie up the front for a new bold look)
  10. Last but not least-Floral. Floral is still in for Fall, choose less bold prints and be sure your colors are still fall appropriate

Colors trending for fall?? Gray, Plum, Wine, Black, and Neutrals. Red and Emerald are also making appearances as well.

Hope you enjoyed! I know I still have a few things to add to my closet. What are you looking forward to wearing most this season??

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