Monday, November 12, 2012

Crafty Crafty

Been a while since my last post, and it was a rather sad one (I was having a memory lapse). I've been so busy crafting lately, here's what I have on my list to work on!!

sharpie. white mugs. bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. 
 you'll like the twist I made on these mugs (Hoping they'll be cute dirty santa gifts) ;)

I can't decide which wreath I want to do (either one will involve snow flakes and reindeer too):

                    Christmas Wreath.                    ornaments, a styrofoam wreath, a glue gun, a wooden letter and glitter are ALL you need to make this by joanne

I've been bitten by the shutter bug!!!
          Old Shutter Becomes a Coat Rackshuttershutter
And I'm suddenly into vintage maps (well I've always liked them, but just recently figuring out how to incorporate them into our home):
DIY Map Canvas-this is what I want to do for the Living Room nowI like this idea for a "powder room" except only have one wall covered in the map wallpaper-the rest of the walls could be a tan or dark brown.recycled chairs and mapsMemory Lane Coasters: maps of where you've been, modge podge and stone tiles

OH and let's not forget cotton! (very southern and can add a little rustic touch)

Cotton and Burlap wreath..deep south style....I would love to do this!!Amy.Fresh cotton for arrangements. Think this would be awesome for your wedding!Cotton Plants for Floral Arrangements

What crafts do you have lined up??


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