Monday, December 10, 2012

Dating for the Married Ones

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Dating used to be is so exciting!!! It's something we would primp for (both ladies and gents), we would look forward to the weekend for those nights out. And then marriage kind of dulls that...unintentionally. For whatever reason, it just stops and most couples get boring. We get comfortable, and we think that there's no point in trying anymore-marriage was the goal achiever for all that dating anyway, right?

Well, wrong. Most women would do anything for their husbands to plan a night out every now and then. It's the thought that counts, seriously. It doesn't matter how much money you do or don't spend-it's about what you're doing together to grow your relationship. 

Believe it or not, we continue to grow and figure out who we are. We are continually changing, and the goal is to change into better people-for ourselves & our spouse. So when we grow, our likes and dislikes will differentiate a little-or a lot! How, then, do you expect to keep learning about your significant other? Granted you could try to do it while you're doing the dishes, running around chasing the kids, or even sitting on the couch watching television together. If you notice, though, there's always something else to side-track you. That's why dating is still important. You have to focus your attention on each other. No kids, no television-get out of your comfort zone. 

Sounds like an awesome idea, but then you start panicking and wonder how in the world do you go on a date with someone you already know?? It's rather funny when you think about it. :) As much as you think you already know your spouse, there are still things you don't know. I just learned recently that my husband doesn't mind  plaid shirts; I was completely blown away by this small fact [and still am]. It was something I learned while strolling through the mall with him. It's that simple!

Seeing as it's not that frightening to go on a date, you're probably wondering where to go? You may always do dinner somewhere every weekend (like we often do); but do one little thing to change it up. Sit in the same booth together instead of across from each other. It feels more romantic, and you'll start acting like teenagers again. Another suggestion, is if you have a 4 or 5 Star Hotel close to you, spend an evening in their  bar/restaurant. The Marriott usually has a balcony area with fire pits that can be enjoyed year round. It's especially cozy in the winter or fall, paired with a few drinks. If you're feeling especially frisky and adventurous, rent a room. That way you don't have to worry about driving back home. Another simple date night, picnic in the park-in the evening. Then bring a blanket for star gazing later; if you really want to blow her mind then bring your iPod with you and listen to some jazz or romantic music. Yes, it may be cheesy but you'll enjoy it, besides how often do you get to look at the stars???

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Just a few ideas to get your brain cells functioning that forgot about how to date. Don't forget to dress up a little and put a little something on your lips as well. Grab a bottle of wine, or your preferred beverage of choice and get to know each other a little better. You may be surprised that words may not even be needed at all. ;)

Love and be loved~xoxo

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