Saturday, November 17, 2012



I've been thinking lately, that I want to update my blog and "brand" it. Maggz is a nickname that I've been called for so very long; and as much as I loved it in relation to my blog, it just didn't seem to be the right title. Thus, you will see my new blog updated to: MaggyDawn .
I have a love for design, crafts, and wedding planning. If my path ever chooses to expand on any {or all} of those things, I wanted to have a name that stood out and seemed professional at the same time. Thus MaggyDawn. So, now I'm sure you're wondering where I came up with this.

Maggie Dawn is my name-says it on the birth certificate. My mother was an avid soap opera fan back in the day; one of her favorite characters was named Maggie, and thus my name was chosen.  Dawn is a family name, my grandmother's middle name was Dawn; my mother's middle name is Dawn, and I was graced with the same middle name. What do those names mean? Well, Maggie is of Greek & Enligh origin and means precious pearl. Dawn is English and means sunrise. I just take it as I'm precious and always strive for a sunny disposition-which is how I truly behave. ;)

Did you notice I made a slight change to my name in the title? I dropped the "ie" for a "y". I felt this made it more unique and creative; besides, most people try to spell my name with a "y" anyway. So there you have it: updated blog and the why.

My goal is to post as much as I can and have it be inspirational, meaningful, or informative. You never know where life may take you, so therefore you have to be intuitive in all aspects as to how you present yourself. Please feel free to provide feedback, as to what you would like to see posts on or if you would like to requests my services in the design/craft/event area.


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