Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time of the Blouse

Back in the day I can remember being called a "maw maw" and "grandmotherly" for liking blouses. If you were young, you just didn't wear them. Well now, they are the newest, hottest trend (and one of my staples!). Not only can you wear them to work, but it is a transitional piece that can be carried over into an evening look (going out with friends, dinner date, etc). Blouses can make me feel very feminine while either being professional or laid back. The shape and look of blouses have changed to appeal to the younger generation (to which I'm very thankful): neck tie blouses are very in, and recently I've purchased a "cropped" button up blouse that adds a hip style. I've added several blouses to my closet and I love pairing them with skinny jeans, especially colored ones. Check out these outfits I've pictured below:

This is my rendition of a neck tie blouse paired with a black pull over vest. Perfect for work (and I had several compliments-bonus!)
 I love this cropped button up blouse. I purchased this same one at Forever21 just a couple of weeks ago. Especially love it with my black skinny jeans.

Another purchase from Forever21. I've worn this one to work and have gotten compliments as well. I especially love the lace around the neck.

 Rolled up skinny jeans are cute, especially with an untucked blouse ( I hate tucking and avoid it at all costs). Very simple look for a lunch with the girls.

The texture in the cuff and neck on this lace make it eye catching. Great for work or dates

Who doesn't love the combination of this nude blouse and turqouise/green skinnies!

 One of my favs: untucked button up with black skinnies and heels (I've recently purchased a black felt hat to go with outfits such as this). Very Audrey Hepburn meets 21st century.

Another nude blouse/color jean combo.

Textured blouse.

Ok I do/don't like this outfit. What I do love are the scarf and blouse mix. 

So, don't fear of everyone thinking you've raided your grandmother's closet (actually that might be a good idea if you're on a budget, don't be afraid to change it up how you want). All of these blouses are adorable, trendy, and cute. Mix it up how you want and make it your own. Hopefully these have given you some inspiration. I can't wait to add more to my closet {much to my husband's dismay}.


  1. Darling photos! I especially adore the last looks, so cute!


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