Saturday, October 22, 2011


Feathers!!!!! If you know me, I have a slight (ok, major) obession with feathers. I can't help it. I'm being a peacock for halloween, I wear feather earrings, feather hair clips, and feather necklaces. Currently I am researching ideas for a feather inspired christmas tree (but I am not going overboard with it). (psst, I even want a small feather tattoo on my wrist or foot-but that would be cause for my husband to divorce me). So, here are a few of my favorite feather photos. What are your thoughts on feathers: love or hate? And what is your favorite way to wear feathers? xoxo~
Feather Mask (New Years)

Feather clutch

Feather wall art

Feather bouquets

Feather photo (should have done this at my wedding)

Feather hat/dress

Inspirational feather photo
Feather tattoo

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