Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exciting Things to Come!!

I'm excited about a new part of my blog that I will be added very soon!

Ever notice those blogs where ladies are pictured in an outfit then they detail what exactly is worn? Well...I'm jumping on the train, but I have a different focus. Affordable. I love clothes, and those blogs make me drool as I scroll the the pictures of clothing! But in reality, I can't afford most of the wardrobe. So, what's a girl to do when you're in college, paying rent, working part time and eating ramen noodles for dinner?? (ok, so maybe you don't eat ramen noodles, but you get what I'm saying here) Girl has to be fashion chic with what she has and get thrifty!
Granted I am married and work full time, but it still doesn't mean that I have the money to blow (ahem saving for a house!). So I am on a mission to  show how you can pull together an awesome outfit that's budget friendly. In order to do this, I need some feedback on what you believe is a good budget. I am going to limit myself to the following stores for these pieces as well: TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, Kohl's, Burke's, Thrift Shops (Salvation Army/Loaves&Fishes,etc) and WalMart. I also might throw in Forever21, Charloette Rousse, and Rue21 (because you can find some saavy cheap clothing there as well).

So stay tuned and bear with me as I do this. It will take time, as I am going to get my mother (photographer) to help me out with this which requires scheduling time. Don't forget to post your comments about budgets and thrifty places to shop! I'm excited!!


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