Saturday, September 10, 2011

DIY: Halloween Costume

I love, LOVE dressing up for Halloween. It is ridiculous fun and gives people something to look forward to each year. I have been a playboy bunny (pg version), Gangster, Pirate, and last year I was the fabulous (and weird) Lady Gaga (which almost won me a prize of $1,000.00). So what will I be this year???
                                                                                             picture from

Peacock!!! (Katy Perry's peacock song comes to mind). However, this costume is ummm...$200.00 so I thought I could attempt this myself. With a little help from my good friends Google and Etsy, I have found the items I need and how to do it :) (plus I have some pictures to show you and guidelines-if you want to make your own feathered costume for a lot less)

You'll need:
black tutu
peacock feathers (50 total)
random feathers (just for fun but not necessary)
hot glue gun
needle and thread (might be needed)

I found this tutu on for $25

I may leave it as is or add some peacock feathers around the waist (extended downward following the shape of the tutu)

I found a tutorial on how to add the peacock feathers to a corset. You can find a corset anywhere (just about), I'm sure Rue21 will have one in the low budget range (say $15). Even Walmart has had them for $10 or less.

Cut down the peacock feathers (in order to get more of the "eye")
Then hot glue the pieces onto the corset. If you happen to have a manican (spelling?) {and I just so happen to have one because my dorky husband took them home when he once worked at GAP), this would help out a lot to let your corset have a body. If not, laying out flat works too.

The tail is optional. I am not going to attempt this at all (thus the reason for adding feathers to the tutu).

I am adding feathers to my shoes :)  I am making feather clips to add to the sides of my heels for a little effect. I borrowed this picture from

And last but not least!!! A mask will complete the ensemble!!! Cracker Barrell has the cutest masks right now, but I'm sure I will be making my own as well:

pic borrowed from:

I will use this to be a guide to create my masterpiece.

I'm extremely excited!!!! (as you can tell). So what your plans for Halloween-dish your costume ideas or favorite Halloween festivites! It'll be here before you know it!


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