Friday, October 7, 2011

Shirt Dresses

I've spotted a new trend, and I have to say that it's one that I love. It's seriously effortless, and looks extremely cute. The best part: it's great for fall.
It might be a little "risky"

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The Shirt Dress
I found this dress on and the price tag indicated $39.00. Granted that's not bad at all, but want to cut that cost by more than half?

Get your booty up on  Saturday morning, and hit up some yard sales or go to your local thrift stores. Guess what you'll find: tons of men's button down shirts. You'll pay less than $10 ( if you pay more, I'd be extremely shocked). Also, you want to find one that's long and a little bigger that you'd want.
Pair it with a cute belt, possibly some tights, accessorize and you're good to go! You just got yourself  a cute new outfit for less than $10, how about that? Who knew that Tom Cruise would start this cute/fabulous trend... ;)

Happy Friday!
xoxo~ Maggie

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