Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reality Check: Health Edition

In watching recent news, I heard of one of my favorite reality stars/hosts had been diagnosed with breast cancer: Giuliana Ranic
What a shock! To be only 36 and have early stages of breast cancer, but Giuliana is an extraordinarly strong person and is handling it well.

It had me thinking about our health though. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; and even though the month is about to be over in a week, we should be active about our health.

We stress more about how we look on the outside, instead of focusing on what is going on inside of our bodies (myself included). That's partially to blame on media, but thankfully the media has become extremely active in promoting the health of our inside as well. To me, the more healthy you are on the inside will show on the outside.

So how do you take care of your inside? First, go see a doctor and schedule some tests to make sure all is well (especially depending on your family history). Next, start exercising and eating right because not only will it just make you feel better you will naturally start to like your physical appearance as well (win win!!). Love yourself and your body will love you back. And lots of prayers sent to Giuliana and        family as she overcomes this battle!

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