Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Saturday

This morning, after doing a little cleaning, I decided to kick back and search my On Demand. You'll never guess what I found on "Vintage MTV"....ummm The Hills!!! My Saturday has been made! :)

While enjoying Season 3 of the Hills, I was comparing my life (or wanna be life maybe) to Lauren, Lo's and Audrina. What girl hasn't? I discovered that even though I thought I was most like LC...I am most definitely more like LO, and my BFF is comparible to LC. I was a little saddened as this, but then realized...I can be "friends" with LC lol

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful, sunny Saturday! I'm about to hit the trails with my version of LC :)


awww bffs
Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth

Kimberly & Me :)

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